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Apr. 26, 2021


The demand in African markets remains high. Customers keep making inquiries and pushing for delivery. Visible market still has demand. Even if the market for Chinese raw materials is relatively large, and paraffin this raw material is still difficult to order. Directly affect the export price. But exports are essential. This consumer product is necessary for Africa, lighting with candles, festivals, or prayers, and funeral. We'll use it all the time.

Our factory can only buy enough raw materials to supply our long-term customers. And strive to reduce costs, suggest customers reasonable procurement, because no one can expect market gains to fall.

This year, for any factory, is more difficult, during the outbreak, stop production, raw materials rose. The exchange rate fell. Even if there is no profit this year, also maintain customer sales and normal procurement.

In March, Nigeria, Angola market, gradually recovered, began to buy candles, our factory also began to work hard.